The overarching goal of our research group is to understand how large-scale brain network states shape our behavior. Within this broader goal, our primary interest is currently targeted at determining neural signatures predicting upcoming conscious states (funded by an ERC Starting Grant): How can one and the same (invariant) stimulus (e.g. near threshold or ambiguous) lead to varying perceptual reports?  We assume that distinct network states such as integration / disintegration of sensory cortices prior to  stimulation crucially gate stimulus-related information flow and thereby conscious states. As a general approach, we first devise offline experiments using electrophysiological tools such as MEG / EEG to identify relevant prestimulus neural signatures of conscious perception. In a second step we employ transcranial electrical stimulation (in particular tACS) combined with MEG as well as realtime MEG /EEG experiments to probe the functional relevance of these signatures.

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