Work with us!

Please contact us if you are motivated in getting involved in our research, e.g. as Master / Bachelor student. We are also always open in hosting interns (>1 month).


If you are a student interested in a Postdoc / PhD that has not been announced by us, we are open to listen to your research interests and -in case we share them- work out potential funding opportunities


For job opportunities please keep an eye open on our Facebook site.


English Version:

Participants in clinical auditory neuroscience projects

You are an individual with tinnitus or someone with a Cochlea Implant (pre- or postoperative stage)? Contact us.


Deutsche Version:

Teilnehmer für klinische audiologische/neurowissenschaftliche Projekte

Sie leiden an Tinnitus oder tragen ein Cochlea Implantat (im prä- oder postoperativem Stadium)? Kontaktieren Sie uns.