Nathan Weisz (Group coordinator and PI of Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience Group)

Gianpaolo Demarchi (Senior scientist)

Thomas Hartmann (Senior scientist)

Anne Hauswald (Senior scientist)


Manfred Seifter (Technical assistant)

Sabine Stummvoll (Administration)

Bernadette Eckart (Student Assistant)


Independent postdoctoral fellows 

Guido Barchiesi (Postdoc; Lise-Meitner Fellow)

Annekathrin Weise (Postdoc; DFG Fellow)

Andreas Wutz (Postdoc; Lise-Meitner Fellow)


PhD Students 

Ya-Ping Chen (FWF funded)

Moritz Köhler (FWF funded)

Marta Partyka (EU funded)

Elie Rassi (Doctoral College DK+)

Fabian Schmidt (FWF funded)

Nina Süß (FWF funded)







Julia Frey (Postdoc)

Marco Fuscà (Postdoc)

Chrysa Lithari (Postdoc)

Toralf Neuling (Postdoc)

Philipp Ruhnau (Postdoc)

Gaëtan Sanchez (Postdoc)